The story takes place during high-school, where three local Pietersburg High School students - Juanie Willemse; Emile Vermeulen and Quinton Boucher- were living their separate lives. Dog-earing their classes and dreaming of roaring crowds and sold out stadium shows. One of their teachers – Ben Schempers – was meanwhile having the same dream. As he sat at his desk marking tests, his mind would wander to the outskirts of a rock-star life.


Years would pass, their lives going on before fate would have them meet. Emile continued studying the arts of classical music, aiming to be named amongst the maestro’s he idolised. Quinton was shredding through drum-skins as he rocked out with the hottest – and only – gospel-youth band in Polokwane. Ben was… probably just being awesome somewhere. And Juanie was hiding away in her dorm room, quietly singing songs she wrote about boys who didn’t even know who she was. Matric came and passed and life just seemed to become even more mundane for our four heroes.

Until one day.


Quinton, who had stumbled upon Emile’s music room one fateful day, decided that he wanted to start something. Something new, something crazy, something their small town had never heard of before: A non-gospel band.

He remembered seeing a cover video Juanie had posted on YouTube as part of a dare. So he called them, Emile and Juanie, asking if they were up for the adventure. They were.


The day before their first trial practice, Juanie warned them about how she had no experience in playing with other people as well as no legitimate musical training. The guys joked, saying that they were expecting her to play Beethoven’s Sonata in F minor from front to back then from back to front on every instrument they had available. They were planning to rock-out like it was the year 1505. And just like that, their name was born: 15OH5 


(If you just went "Oh! I get it" then you'll understand why they replaced the "0" with an "OH")


The first practice was an explosion of success. Chemistry filled the small band room on Emile’s isolated farm like a current of electricity. They were perfect, but they still needed something.

And then Ben happened.


Ben might very well be the last entry to their entourage, but he’s without a doubt the best band member of them all (ask anyone). The kind, giving, cunning and hipster coffee-making-Ben gently picked up his bass and fell into stride with the rest of the band (three of who were his old pupils). Ben had hung up his teaching cap and replaced it with an artisan coffee making-apron. Like Salt Bae, he added the final sprinkle of originality to the band.


15OH5 still jams, traveling away from their small confides and venturing into the unknown. Playing shows in cities they see as colossal concrete –mountains. They hope to reach the harbours of cities and nations even further away than the continent they walk on now; hoping their adventurous lyrics and songs can help them get there.

© by 15OH5. 

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Gauteng, South Africa

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